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Pastor Kurt and Shantelle Sutton are the Senior Pastors of Oasis Family Church, Port Elizabeth. Before entering full-time ministry, Pastor Kurt was in the South African Police Force and his wife, Shantelle was a personal assistant to the director of a top advertising agency in Port Elizabeth. In 1999, God spoke to Pastor Kurt about establishing a church that was real and relatable to everyday families and believers who knew that there had to be more to life. With a heart to see the broken restored, the lost come to Christ and those in Christ realise their true worth, Oasis Family Church was established in March 2000.

Their oldest daughter, Jessica and her husband Donovan live in Prague, Czech Republic with Pastor Kurt and Shantelle’s first grandchild Eli. Their son, Joshua lives in Port Elizabeth. One of the biggest influences in planting Oasis Family church was the loss of their second daughter, Carrie Anne. She was diagnosed with Edward Syndrome and passed away at 36 weeks. Pursuing the plans and purposes of God in and amongst all the pain and questions is what prompted Pastor Kurt and Shantelle to gather a family of believers who do ‘real life’ together.

Having walked through marriage, loss, raising kids, building a church, foster care and other ‘real life’ situations, Pastor Kurt and Shantelle are fully convinced that God is able to turn every circumstance around for the good of those who love Him. Their motto for ministry is ‘Come as you are, and God will do the rest.’


Pastor Kurt has a heart to see ordinary men, often overlooked due to lack of title or accomplishments, lead in every area of their lives and live out their God-given callings without fear of ‘not being enough’ or being underqualified.

Pastor Kurt has always been passionate about the local church and assisting pastors in their areas of need. He apostolically oversees five churches in the Eastern Cape and longs to see pastors mentored and churches filled. His office has always been open to anyone who is needing apostolic advice and care, or simply a safe space to share their heart. Having built Oasis from the ground up, he has a heart to help equip struggling churches and ministries, both practically and apostolically.


Pastor Shantelle is passionate about freedom, and the ability to live out who God has called you to be. A few of her most incredible God-adventures include assisting prostitutes in the journey of restoration, delivering a baby, showing the real love of Jesus to those in the gay community and talking someone out of committing suicide on the side of the road.

Part of Shantelle’s biggest testimony was overcoming Strabismus, an eye condition where the eyes do not look in the same direction as each other. Having felt isolated, unworthy and self-conscious from a young age, Pastor Shantelle has a heart to assist women with their self-worth and confidence, as well those with with anxiety and depression.


If you would like to invite Pastor Kurt and Shantelle Sutton to speak at your church or conference, or connect with your ministry, please feel free to contact us via our contact form. We would be honoured to partner with your local or international community and advance the Kingdom of God together.


Sunday Mornings | 09:00
99 Welcome Avenue, Theescombe
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

+27 71 778 8195
Monday – Thursday
08:30 – 13:00


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Account Number: 4051524752